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Hi. I am Sebastian D. P. Hidalgo, Brand Strategist and creator of the world’s only free Brand Strategy Workshop for companies.

I designed this workshop to take you from undifferentiated, recently merged or scaling company to market leader in your industry.

Why? Because of common issues:

• Most leaders cannot tell what makes their company unique or better than competitors

• Only 29% of leaders say their company has a clear and coherent strategy (PwC)

• Companies with a consistent Brand Strategy report up to 33% more revenue (Marq)

• Less than 30% of employees know the company’s core values (Fond)

• Purpose-oriented companies report 30% more innovation (Deloitte)

• Companies with a coherent strategy outperform competitors by 212% in total return to shareholders (McKinsey)

In other words…

This workshop is for you if...

This workshop is not for you if...

The branding workshop is a primer in brand strategy. It is comprised of the key elements that are integral to any successful brand, but Sebastian takes those elements a step further in showing you how cohesively they work together to help you build a better, stronger brand. I come from 25 yrs w/a global consulting firm, and 17 yrs in digital marketing. Sebastian has a firm handle on brand strategy and can help you build or level up your brand.
Melanie K.

Program Modules

Brand Strategy 101
Definition | Shaping Customer Perception | The Golden Triangle
Influencing Your Prospects
Internal Brand | Purpose x Profit | Marketing Psychology
Market Assessment
Positioning | Competitive Advantages | Differentiation
Human Foundation
Clarifications | Deeper Insights | Recommendations
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It's your time.

When you book the free workshop, my team will perform a Strategy Assessment of your company to shape custom topics that will adapt the workshop to the needs of your company.

Take control of your company’s position in the market and in your prospect’s minds.
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